Brewed at over 3300 meters above sea-level
with only the finest all-naturalingredients,
Shangri-La Beer is truly liquid heaven.

100 Year Old Tibetan Mountain Spring Water


Great beer starts with great water. Our water is slowly filtered and distilled for over 100
years by the natural landscape of Shangri-La. This truly magical water helps bring out the
craftsmanship in every single bottle.

Qingker Barley


Qingker Barley is an heirloom grain, all-natural and incredibly aromatic. It’s been
grown the same way for more than 1000 years. It’s the flavor of Tibet, a special taste
that makes Shangri-La Beer truly one of a kind.

Imported German Hops


Shangri-La Beer is the best of both worlds. 100 year old Tibetan Spring Water and
heirloom Qingker Barley from Shangri-La. The finest hops imported from Germany.
Taste, tradition and premium quality brewed in every Shangri-La Beer.

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